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Local Employment Initiative.

We are connecting the affected hospitality workforce with local non-profits to serve and provide hunger relief to communities.

The El Paso Community Foundation teamed with Get Shift Done to launch Get Shift Done for El Paso, which connects adversely affected hospitality industry workers with the El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank. The result: Laid-off workers are paid $10 an hour providing hunger relief to the food insecure in our community.

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the hospitality industry and put our already at-risk populations in desperate need of meals. Nonprofit organizations that serve this population are experiencing spikes in the need for volunteers to meet the escalating challenge.

The solution? Pay laid-off food industry workers to help El Pasoans Fighting Hunger. It began on Saturday, April 4 with the first of 40 shifts worked.

The Get Shift Done initiative launched in North Texas to address food service workers who have lost their paychecks and provide much-needed help for nonprofits working to alleviate hunger. The El Paso Community Foundation learned about the innovative program, contacted Get Shift Done, and quickly launched Get Shift Done for El Paso. It uses Shiftsmart technology to register workers for paid shifts at El Pasoans Fighting Hunger .

Three critical needs in one initiative: stabilizing incomes, hunger relief & non-profit surge support

We are using the Shiftsmart platform to connect volunteers, supporters and nonprofits to deliver these essential functions and provide basic incomes and food security for affected children and families. And, by providing a skilled, at-the-ready workforce, we can support the non-profits, school systems and other hunger relief programs with efficient and effective help to meet the surge in demand. The Get Shift Done initiative was created with the goal of bringing critical stability to communities. Affected populations, businesses, organizations, and nonprofits are activated on a local level and empowered to provide services in the communities they call home.

What we did in El Paso

  • The El Paso Community Foundation created the Get Shift Done for El Paso Fund to provide wages to hourly workers to fill these shifts. All remaining funds will be used to support nonprofit organizations that provide workforce development and hunger relief.

  • Partnered with restaurant industry leaders in El Paso to offer paid shifts to their staffs at El Pasoans Fighting Hunger. They will be paid $10 an hour to prepare, assemble, and deliver meals.

  • Launched a team and special program leveraging the Shiftsmart platform to onboard, train, schedule, dispatch, route, and pay the assigned workers to perform these shifts at the local food bank.

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